Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's Worse than Dying 10 Years Earlier?!

A USA Today article "Obesity can trim 10 years off life" announces some shocking news:
Being 40 pounds overweight cuts 3 years off your life, and being 100 pounds overweight can knock 10 years off!

While that news is certainly bad enough, I think they miss an even more important point.

No matter how long you live, the quality of your life is more important. Being overweight can make you miss out on the things you want to do.

Are you uncomfortable from your weight?
  • Are you not traveling because you don't fit in the seats?
  • Do you groan every time you get out of a chair?
  • Do you have no clothes that fit well?
Are you in pain from your weight?
  • Do you avoid going on long walks because your knees hurt too much?
  • Does your back ache when you stand in line?
  • Do you have a hard time exercising because every joint hurts?
Are you embarrassed about your weight?
  • Do you not go out to restaurants because you believe the other patrons are judging you for eating?
  • Do you avoid the beach like the plague?
  • Do you hate the summer because you sweat profusely?
What do you want to do that your weight is stopping you from?!

Choose to live a LONG and HEALTHY life. :-)

Here's how to start eating right.

And here's how to exercise right.

Committed to your health,

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