Monday, June 15, 2009

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Diet Sodas

If these articles don’t change your mind, I don’t know what will…

  • It may change your brain chemistry and metabolic limit and make you more prone to overeat and gain weight! Link to article.
  • The sweet taste elicits an insulin spike, which blocks your body’s ability to burn fat. Link to article.
  • The artificial sweeteners disrupt satiety, the feeling of being full. Link to article.
  • When you’re given sweetness without the caloric energy, you end up craving calories more than ever. Link to article.
  • Diet sodas erode your tooth enamel, and enamel erosion can leave you at greater risk for cavities and decay. Link to article.
Need I say more! Yes, more research needs to be done, but why would you risk all of the above side effects?

Stop drinking those diet sodas NOW!

What should you drink? Yes, water. But there’s no need to keep it boring. Add a lemon, lime or orange, or a splash of 100% real fruit juice to keep it palatable. Also, just give it a try for a couple of weeks. Your taste buds do change to the point you’ll actually crave it.

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